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Nanosilver Water Filters

‘The ultimate water filters’

Clean and safe drinking water is one of the first needs for human beings to live. Water filters play a key role in providing water to human beings living in parts of the world where clean and safe drinking water is not readily available. The introduction of water filters in these parts of the world have contributed to improved health and well being and have improved living standards significantly. Dr Ten BV supplies a variety of water filters with the ability to purify from 4000 to 7000 liters of water. For more information about our water filters please email us at gerrit@drten.nl

Together with a producer of water filters in the Netherlands, Dr Ten is working on manufacturing water filters for the poorest of the poor. Dr Ten has developed a way to produce Colloidal Silver from edible sources that is suitable for use in new kinds of water filters. This new silver helps in the breaking down of bacteria in dirty water.

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