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Our team


Marnix ten Kortenaar

Marnix ten Kortenaar is the founder and director of Dr Ten BV. He graduated with a Master of science degree from the TU Delft, where he also received his PhD in Physical Chemistry. After working for 8 years for a multi national, he started Dr Ten BV in 2008. One of the reasons for him to start Dr Ten BV, was the needs he saw in third-world countries for durable innovations that would improve live in general. Marnix passion is for developing durable innovations. As ex top athlete (iceskating) Marnix knows what it takes to reach for the best in both sport and real live. For more information about Marnix check out his website.

Margriet P1060775


Margriet has been closely involved with Dr Ten BV from the day the company started. She gives oversight and support in all our innovation projects. She gives leadership and structure in all our companies activities, with great zeal and precision.



Gerrit joined Dr Ten BV in 2010 as a process and market developer. In his previous occupation as director of Iceskate hall Leeuwarden, Gerrit was closely involved in the ice and water processes resulting in a perfectly smooth icefloor. Gerrit plays an important role in getting our innovative products ready for the wholesale market. From market research to final product and process specifications.



Diego is a Product Developer Engineer. Diego is originally from Colombia where he worked as an ingenieur on waste water purification processes. He graduated from the TU Delft with a masters degree in Sustainable Energy Technologies. Diego has experience with water purification systems and the development of durable energy systems (batteries and fuel cells). In 2020 Diego received his PhD from the University of Twente in Embedded Systems in energy storage.