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Seasalt battery

The sea salt battery is a natural, clean battery suitable for stationary storage of solar energy, wind energy or electricity from the electrical grid. It can also act as a charging station for charging electric cars. Recently it won the Jan Terlouw innovation price and Blauwe Tulp Accenture Innovation Award in the Netherlands. The battery has sea salt as main component and carbon as electrode. A prototype battery was tested being able to already run more than 7000 recharge and discharge cycles.  Cheap and clean materials make this battery the cheapest and cleanest in the world.

Main features

  • Full discharge
  • ca . 1-2 cents per kWh per load cycle
  • ca . 50 euros per kWh material , objective 100 euros / kWh procurement costs
  • Clean
  • ca . 90 % power efficiency , current level, approximately 30-40 Wh / kg.


aia badge zeezoutbatterij-The sea salt battery is a new battery developed by Dr. Ten BV. Inventor Dr. Marnix ten Kortenaar was inspired to develop a new battery when he saw that poor people in remote areas of Africa needed a better, cheaper and cleaner battery for storing solar energy . The basis for the work was laid in 1994 when Ten Kortenaar started research in metal air batteries. The battery consists of natural materials and has seasalt as the main component. The battery can be made ​custom sized and recently won the Jan Terlouw Innovation price and the Blauwe Tulp Accenture Innovation Award.

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Investment opportunities

Energy has been a rapidly growing market with the increase in electric transportation. If you are an investor interested in accelerating the development of the battery production and distribution and would like to support and invest in that, than please get in touch with us. The main goal is to achieve mass production and distribution of batteries with a matching solid return on investment for you as a result. Together with you we hope to develop multiple mass productions sites around the world.

Latest developments

Currently, our team is working hard on the development of the production cycle and the first commercial demonstration. Production will initially be launched in the Netherlands / Belgium for the European and American market and in Israel for the Eastern markets and Africa.

Order a demo battery

If you do not want to wait until the battery is being mass produced and available for retail prices than a demo battery could be right for you. You pay a higher initial price for the demo battery due to higher production costs. However, you can earn your money back by getting discounts on battery orders once ready for mass production. The amount of the discount depends on the total amount of capital invested. For more information on investment opportunities, please contact us

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