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The world of energy is a fast changing landscape, electric cars are a fast growing market, rising fuel prices and a growing world population. Dr Ten is working on solutions to make it possible for the world at large to start driving electric cars. In today’s world our electric grids, are not able to supply the energy needs for an entire city, region and nation re-charging their cars at the same time. With years of experience Dr Ten is now developing a new kind of batteries, fuel cells, vapor heating, and energy-saving air conditioning systems. We also keep our eyes open for promising new developments in the energy sector, that are durable, environment friendly and would improve our living standards. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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In many places in the world water supply is a big problem. For many years Dr Ten has been working on creative solutions for cheap decentralized water supplies. Our Waterdome is a product than can purify salty and dirty water by use of sunlight.

Besides the Waterdome Dr Ten is developing a new kind of water filters and electrodialysis systems for irrigation. In all our innovation projects in the water sector, we are closely working together with professional analysis laboratories in the Netherlands and abroad. Besides product development, you can contact us for a consult on how current developments in the water sector can benefit you.

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Healthy nutrition is vital for life, in the past years a lot of unhealthy ingredients have been mixed into our food. Many food processing processes modify natural elements to products with unhealthy nutritional values. Well known examples are, saturated fat and all kinds of food additives with an E-number.

In the past years Dr Ten has developed new and healthy bio lipids on a dairy basis. Usage of these bio lipids leads to better performance for top athletes, more healthy baby milk, a reduction of calories in fat rich products like ice cream and cookies.

Want to know how you can live more healthy? Contact us and find out.

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Founder and director Marnix ten Kortenaar as ex-top athlete (ice skater) and now as scientist has been involved for many years in innovation and development of products for the sport sector. Marnix was involved from the beginning in the development of aerodynamic skate strips. Marnix did research on the ideal thickness of ice skates and developed the thin ice skate. With help of these innovations first adopters won olympic medals.

Dr Ten also developed plastic ice in the shape of jigsaw pieces, biological ice lubricant, and a special ice coating reducing the need for ice resurfacing and thus resulting in lower energy costs.

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